About Us

     Company History

    Era Maju Automobil started its business in 1996 in a small corner shop located at Desa Jaya, Johor Bahru by Mr Wong Peng Leong and his brother, Mr Wong Peng Shum with a small recruitment of just four crew members. Through harsh challenges of economic crisis faced at 1997, they managed to overcome the obstacle with ease and continue to strive on despite suffering through tremendous hardship with determination to survival.

    Together they fought through and gain enough capital to move to bigger facilities which enables them to cater for much larger volumes of customer in need who stays loyal to their claim of continues support for Era Maju Automobil consistent provision of quality service. More recruitments are made to satisfy the hunger of the increase labor force. With the expansion of showroom area, more products would be able to be displayed and a huge finance capital were needed in order to renovate the new workshop and the investment of larger volumes of stock inventory. But eventually everything pays off when business starts to pick up its pace at tremendous speed after a surge in increase of their customer data base who strongly believe in the capability of Era Maju Automobil workshop to deliver their expectation of excellence service for each and every customer they served.

    In 2011, another much larger capital was injected to build a facility with the capacity to service up to 40 vehicles per day that specialize in luxury and continental vehicles at Johor Jaya Branch. This branch remains as the headquarter that will provide as a stock inventory for spare parts and tires for all the other branches. Equipped with the latest instruments and infrastructure, it has brought Era Maju Automobil to a whole new level of automobile industry by being a pioneer as a private workshop that not only provides technical expertise for the owners of  latest model of automotive manufacturers but also providing the best in terms of professional service and repairs necessary. It sets as a benchmark for an establishment of private workshop which is of standard as compare the any other dealer workshop of international manufacturers. Equipped with comfortable customer waiting area and a proper vehicle delivery area, the environment sets as an attraction despite of considerably higher expenses from other workshops.

    2013 is another year to celebrate as a smaller but well equipped Era Maju Automobil workshop is yet again again set up at Mount Austin to satisfy the ever growing amount of customer.