About Us

    Era Maju Sdn Bhd (Era Maju) is in the business of providing excellent and professional sales and services to meet and even exceed the exquisite demands of the most discerning and fastidious automobile connoisseur who insists on only the very latest and finest in automobile accessories.

    In meeting the exquisite demands of the segment of customers and clients we have consciously targeted to serve and satisfy, we have not only equipped ourselves with the necessary resources, but are also always and constantly upgrading ourselves with the latest cutting edge technologies to support and even keep abreast of our clearly identified corporate missions, goals and objectives.

    While the rest of the pack in the car accessories industry rely on the common passé tactic of price competition at the expense of performance; we strive to excel by putting our customers first through delivering value that meets and even exceeds customers needs, demands and fancy.

    As drivers ourselves, we recognize the intrinsic role a car plays as an extension of itswner’s persona: for ultimately it is the accessories that personalize, given all cars, are, after all, standard mass produced merchandises.

    At Era Maju, we empower you to stand out from the crowd, from the way you move around, literally!