Tyre Changing Service

    The most important reason to worry about tread wear is safety. When your tire treads are worn, your car may respond poorly in adverse weather conditions like rain.With good treads your car will grip the road better. Also, having insufficient tread is considered illegal in many states. And finally, worn treads can make other parts of your car wear prematurely.When it’s time to change your tires, your Era Maju Automobil Sdn Bhd dealer wants to make purchasing a new set as simple as possible. We have the best selection of quality tires to fit your vehicle, your budget and your driving style.


    担心胎面磨损的最重要的原因是安全问题。当您的车子轮胎胎面磨损而不进行更换,这可能会让车子在下雨时发生打滑导致意外发生。拥有良好的胎面能让您的车子的抓地力的道路变得更好。此外在许多国家,车子轮胎胎面不足会被认为是犯法。磨损的胎面可以让您的车子的其他部件过早磨损。当您到了更换轮胎的时候,Era Maju Automobil将会依据您的车子款式和预算提供最适合的轮胎。