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The flagship of Vossen Forged, the Precision Series is distinguished by signature 30-degree cut angles combined with the perfect lip-to-barrel transition of the Infini-Lip.Signature 30 degree cut-angles combined with the perferct lip to barrel transition of the lifini-Lip distinguish the VPS-303 from other forged wheels, as part of the precision Series. This is the classic, minimal five-spoke design that put Vossen on the map, enhanced by the Infini-Lip seamless transition.

Available Forgings

24"Coming Soon

Wheel Options

Vehicle Tailored EngineeringVehicle-specific concave profile and FEA weight optimizationINCLUDED
Infini-LipSeamless and unobstructed transition from the wheel face to barrelINCLUDED
Lightening PocketsWeight reducing pockets milled into the back pad of the wheelINCLUDED
Personalized EngravingWheel specifications, serial number and a personalized note on the inboard lipINCLUDED
Center LockDesign modified for center lock applicationINCLUDED
Cap FinishesOption 1: Polished / Brushed with red ‘V’ shield
Option 2: Color matched to wheel with red ‘V’ shield
Color Matched WeightsWheel weights color matched to finish of wheelINCLUDED