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Michelin Primacy HP
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  • Lasts 25% longer

MICHELIN Primacy HP lasts 25% longer1 on average compared to its principal competitors.

  • Brakes shorter in the wet

Up to 2m shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor, MICHELIN Pilot Primacy.

1. Based on results from tests carried out in 2005 and 2006 by independent testing centres (TüV Automotive, TüV UVMV) on tyre sizes 225/55 R16 W and 205/55 R16 W purchased on the open European market.

  • Perfect Balance of performance

Thanks to ASM optimization

A new research process integrating three essential mechanisms used to balance a tyre's performance, known as ASM: Architecture (structure), Sculpture (tread pattern) and Materials. The result is an unprecedented balance of performances without compromise.

  • Mileage & Comfort
Thanks to the Supple yet rigid construction

For the first time, a supple yet rigid tyre design has been implemented: a supple structure to ensure that the new Primacy HP has a very large 'contact patch' area, combined with a rigid tread pattern to ensure the rubber touching the road is operating at its full potential.

  • Safety
Thanks to ElastoSport compound

Using exclusive Michelin rubber mixing technology, the tread materials are composed of a unique combination of ElastoSport, derived from the sport segment, and full silica.

Size & Price
Rim DiameterTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed Index
255/40R17 W94Y
255/40R17 Y94Y
225/40R18 88V88Y
225/40R18 88W88Y
225/40R18 88Y88Y
225/40R18 88Z88Y
225/40R18 92Y88Y
225/40R18 92Z88Y
225/40R18 93W88Y
225/40R18 H88Y
225/40R18 V88Y
225/40R18 W88Y
225/40R18 Y88Y
225/40R18 Z88Y
235/40R18 91Y91Y
235/40R18 91Z91Y
235/40R18 Y91Y
255/35R18 90W90Y
255/35R18 90Y90Y
255/35R18 90Z90Y
255/35R18 94Y90Y
255/35R18 V90Y
255/35R18 W90Y
255/35R18 Y90Y
265/40R18 101Y101Y
265/40R18 97Z101Y
265/40R18 Y101Y
275/35R18 V95Y
275/35R18 W95Y
275/35R18 Y95Y
295/30R18 Y98Y
235/35R19 87Y87Y
235/35R19 87Z87Y
235/35R19 Y87Y
295/30R19 100Y100Y
295/30R19 96Z100Y
305/30R19 100Y102Y
305/30R19 100Z102Y
305/30R19 102Y102Y
305/30R19 Y102Y

*All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price. Actual dealer price may vary. Prices may also vary for vehicles with a technical / legal requirement for reinforced (extra load) tyres. See your local authorized Michelin dealer for more details.