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With MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres, your drive remains a time when you can get away from it all. And with MICHELIN Total Performance you’ll enjoy silence, comfort and safety, while not compromising on longevity.


  • A Class Leading Quiet Ride

    8% quieter than average of competitors1

  • Maximum Safety

    2.2 meters shorter braking distance on wet roads compared to leading competitors2.

  • Lasts Longer

    25% better in longevity compared to previous generation3.

(1) LEQ – Equivalent Sound Pressure Level.  Based on vehicle test conducted in Japan in 2012 (Both Road noise and Pattern noise)

(2)  Based on TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd.  Wet braking test report conducted 2013.

(3) Based on MICHELIN internal test conducted in Thailand, compared with MICHELIN Primacy LC.


  • EvenPeak Technology

    Gives you a ride 8% quieter than average of competitors*

    With greater variation in the size and position of the tread blocks, the noise power is spread across a wider frequency range, making no peaks of noise power. Thus, your ride is more peaceful

     *LEQ – Equivalent Sound Pressure Level

    Based on vehicle test (Both Road noise and Pattern noise); VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2011 model; 8/May/2012; JARI NVH test circuit (in Japan); Tyre Size 205/55 R16; 6.5JJ16; 2.2 bar on front and Rear

  • CushionGuard Technology

    Keeps the ride smooth, steady and comfortable.

    Cushion vibrations when the tread blocks contact the road surface using supple FlexMax compounds

    Absorbs bumps in the road using shock absorbent sidewalls.

  • FlexMax Technology

    With FlexMax technology, the tread adapts to the irregularities of the road surface for better connection and grip.

    FlexMax chamfer prevents the tread block from distorting and losing contact pressure under the centre of tread blocks, ensuring maximum rubber contact with the road when needed most.

  • StabiliGrip Technology

    StabiliGrip technology uses self-locking bands inside the small grooves to minimise tread block deformation, improving handling and cut through water in the wet.

  • MICHELIN Total Performance

    At MICHELIN, we don’t just improve tyre performance one aspect at a time, but deliver all performance factors together.

    This means that you’ll experience the silence, comfort and safety of MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres, whilst also enjoying 25% better longevity*.

    These standards are consistently achieved through the use of leading MICHELIN Technologies

     *Based on MICHELIN internal test results, conducted in Thailand on TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0 VVT-i (2006); Tyre Size 215/55 R17 94V Rim size: 7.0J17 Air Pressure [bar] 2.2/2.2 Front Load per tyre (kg/tyre): 498 Rear Load per tyre (kg/tyre): 423

Size & Price

  • Rim DiameterTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed Index
    205/55R16 87V91W
    205/55R16 87W91W
    205/55R16 88V91W
    205/55R16 89H91W
    205/55R16 89V91W
    205/55R16 90V91W
    205/55R16 91H91W
    205/55R16 91V91W
    205/55R16 91W91W
    205/55R16 91Z91W
    205/55R16 95H91W
    205/55R16 H91W
    205/55R16 V91W
    205/55R16 W91W
    205/55R16 Z91W
    205/60R16 91H92V
    205/60R16 91V92V
    205/60R16 91H92V
    205/60R16 91V92V
    205/60R16 92H92V
    205/60R16 92V92V
    205/60R16 96H92V
    205/60R16 96W92V
    205/60R16 H92V
    205/60R16 V92V
    205/60R16 VV92V
    205/65R16 H95V
    205/65R16 V95V
    215/55R16 91W97W
    215/55R16 93H97W
    215/55R16 93V97W
    215/55R16 93W97W
    215/55R16 93Y97W
    215/55R16 93Z97W
    215/55R16 H97W
    215/55R16 V97W
    215/55R16 W97W
    215/60R16 94H99V
    215/60R16 94V99V
    215/60R16 95H99V
    215/60R16 95V99V
    215/60R16 99H99V
    215/60R16 H99V
    215/60R16 T99V
    215/60R16 V99V
    225/55R16 94V99W
    225/55R16 94Y99W
    225/55R16 95H99W
    225/55R16 95V99W
    225/55R16 95W99W
    225/55R16 95Y99W
    225/55R16 95Z99W
    225/55R16 99H99W
    225/55R16 99W99W
    225/55R16 99Y99W
    225/55R16 H99W
    225/55R16 V99W
    225/55R16 Z99W
    225/60R16 98H98W
    225/60R16 98V98W
    225/60R16 H98W
    225/60R16 V98W
    225/60R16 W98W
    235/60R16 100H100V
    235/60R16 99T100V
    235/60R16 H100V
    235/60R16 T100V
    235/60R16 V100V
    215/45R17 87V91W
    215/45R17 87V91W
    215/45R17 87W91W
    215/45R17 87Y91W
    215/45R17 87Z91W
    215/45R17 91W91W
    215/45R17 V91W
    215/45R17 W91W
    215/50R17 95W95W
    215/50R17 H95W
    215/50R17 V95W
    215/55R17 93V94V
    215/55R17 94V94V
    215/55R17 94W94V
    215/55R17 95H94V
    215/55R17 H94V
    215/55R17 V94V
    215/60R17 H96V
    215/60R17 V96V
    215/60R17 W96V
    225/45R17 90V94W
    225/45R17 90W94W
    225/45R17 90Z94W
    225/45R17 91V94W
    225/45R17 91W94W
    225/45R17 91Y94W
    225/45R17 91Z94W
    225/45R17 92W94W
    225/45R17 94W94W
    225/45R17 V94W
    225/45R17 W94W
    225/45R17 Z94W
    225/50R17 94V98W
    225/50R17 94W98W
    225/50R17 94Y98W
    225/50R17 94Z98W
    225/50R17 98V98W
    225/50R17 98Y98W
    225/50R17 H98W
    225/50R17 V98W
    225/50R17 W98W
    225/55R17 101H101W
    225/55R17 104N101W
    225/55R17 95V101W
    225/55R17 97H101W
    225/55R17 97W101W
    225/55R17 97Y101W
    225/55R17 97Z101W
    225/55R17 H101W
    225/55R17 V101W
    235/50R17 96H96V
    235/50R17 Y96V
    235/55R17 97H103W
    235/55R17 99H103W
    235/55R17 99W103W
    235/55R17 99Y103W
    235/55R17 H103W
    235/55R17 V103W
    235/55R17 W103W
    245/45R17 95V99W
    245/45R17 95W99W
    245/45R17 95Z99W
    245/45R17 V99W
    245/45R17 W99W
    245/45R17 Z99W
    225/45R18 86W95Y
    225/45R18 91W95Y
    225/45R18 91Z95Y
    225/45R18 H95Y
    225/45R18 V95Y
    225/45R18 W95Y
    225/45R18 Y95Y
    225/55R18 H102V
    235/50R18 91W97W
    235/50R18 97 T97W
    235/50R18 97H97W
    235/50R18 97V97W
    235/50R18 97W97W
    235/50R18 99H97W
    235/50R18 W97W
    245/40R18 93V97Y
    245/40R18 93W97Y
    245/40R18 93Y97Y
    245/40R18 93Z97Y
    245/40R18 95Z97Y
    245/40R18 97Y97Y
    245/40R18 97Z97Y
    245/40R18 H97Y
    245/40R18 V97Y
    245/40R18 W97Y
    245/40R18 Y97Y
    245/40R18 Z97Y
    245/45R18 100Y100W
    245/45R18 96V100W
    245/45R18 96Y100W
    245/45R18 96Z100W
    245/45R18 V100W
    245/45R18 W100W
    245/45R18 Y100W
    245/50R18 100W100W
    245/50R18 Y100W
    255/45R18 101Y99W
    255/45R18 99V99W
    255/45R18 99Y99W
    255/45R18 V99W
    255/45R18 W99W
    255/45R18 Y99W
    255/45R18 Z99W
    245/45R19 102W98Y
    245/45R19 93W102W
    245/45R19 96W102W
    245/45R19 98W98Y
    245/45R19 98Y98Y
    245/45R19 98Z98Y
    245/45R19 Y102W
    275/40R19 101W101Y
    275/40R19 101Y101Y
    275/40R19 101Z101Y
    275/40R19 103W101Y
    275/40R19 104Y101Y
    275/40R19 Y101Y
    *All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price. Actual dealer price may vary. Prices may also vary for vehicles with a technical / legal requirement for reinforced (extra load) tyres. See your local authorized Michelin dealer for more details.