Everyday running more comfortable

NEW SR SPECIAL adopts the same shape as the genuine shock absorber, optimizing the damping force characteristics as it is, such as durability, while keeping the basic performance such as "running" "bending" "stopping" of the car firmly upgraded We are developing the concept of balance with \"riding comfort\".

"It's not hard, but it's pretty cool!" I feel comfortable running with the light casual shoes I use everyday, have you gotten better with something? It is finished as a shock absorber that makes me think.

Since NEW SR SPECIAL is setting the normal condition to the standard (standard tire, spring), we respond to the diverse needs of a wide range of customers, mainly in the car in the normal state.

NEW SR SPECIAL is recommended for this person.

Since NEW SR SPECIAL is setting the normal condition to the standard (standard tire, spring), we respond to the diverse needs of a wide range of customers, mainly in the car in the normal state.

  • I do not run on the recommendation circuit but I want to run a holiday drive comfortably.
    - In normal condition a bit of running is unsatisfactory.
    - I changed to a high grip tire and upgraded the size of the wheel.
  • Recommendation There are many things that put important people on, after all it is better to drive!
    - I frequently go to drive with children and families, family and friends.
    - Children and passengers often get car sick.
    - I think that it is comfortable to ride on a fluffy at high speed, but there is feeling of fatigue in running over long distances.
  • Recommended degree The mileage also increased, the feeling of sharpness like the time of a new car decreased?
    - Firstly, please check if mileage is over 50,000 kilometers or new car registration over 5 years!
    - I feel the driving is unstable such as the car shakes with fluffy, the steering wheel is taken to the left and right.
    - Ecological traveling emphasis is taken, but the tire is unbalanced or abnormal wear and it is not good.
  • Recommended degree The car is customized, but the shock absorber is normal
    - I replaced only the lowdown spring, but the balance is bad (* 1) Besides NEW SR SPECIAL this product is also recommended
    - I purchase used cars, exchanging aero and mufflers, but the shock absorbers are recommended for those who are not replaced
Why NEW SR SPECIAL is chosen
  • Development by actual car for each model
    NEW SR SPECIAL is produced and sold after finishing with the test by the actual car after deciding "riding taste" while assuming the character of each car model and how to use from the investigation of the normal state.
  • Vehicle inspection OK with adopting genuine shape!
    NEW SR SPECIAL is able to upgrade "running" reasonably without replacing other parts by adopting genuine shape, fixed damping force type.
    It is perfect fit just by replacing the wearing with a normal shock absorber, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about regular maintenance or vehicle inspection because it is a product for inspection. (* 2)
    Strength and durability in the main body and internal structure of the product are produced at factory dedicated to shock absorbers in Japan due to production technology and quality control obtained from long experience of OEM delivery experience. Because of this it is outstanding ease of handling without trouble of extra adjustment after installation.
    * 2 Please consult your dealer if it is exchanged in combination with other parts.
  • Applicable model Domestic No. 1.
    NEW SR SPECIAL is about 30 years since its release, the number of setting items so far is about 2,000 product numbers and the results of domestic No. 1 (* 3).
    Currently we continue to provide "comfortable driving" by adaptive models ranging from minicars to large SUVs of about 600 cars (* 4).
    * 3 Domestic manufacturers Based on a single brand for marketing (excluding genuine parts for repair)
    * 4 It is a count by model name and representative model.

Benefits of NEW SR SPECIAL installation

  • 1Improved stability in general driving
    By the damping force characteristic slightly higher than the normal, the movement of the spring caused by the upper and lower unevenness in normal driving is suppressed. Keeping a driving situation with flat feeling that is difficult to do motion sickness.
  • 2Keep the cornering line firm
    By suppressing the expansion and contraction speed of the spring at the time of cornering, the rolling of the car body is suppressed, the burden on the outer tire is reduced, and a smooth cornering line can be obtained by taking advantage of the grip of the inner tire.
  • 3Stability at the time of high speed and smooth lane change
    Suppress the movement of the spring due to subtle waviness of the expressway, realizing a high-speed running with stability. Even lane change can prevent excessive shaking and can do smoothly.
  • 4Improvement of brake braking force
    By suppressing the weight movement applied to the front during braking, it prevents front dive and realizes braking with balance and good balance of front and rear brakes. This also shortens the braking distance.