Michelin Latitude Sport 3
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MICHELINMichelin Latitude Sport 3


MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 tyres are acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety1

  • Engineered to excel in wet conditions

    2.70 meters shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor1 thanks to a new tread compound and increased void ratio

  • 25% Lower rolling resistance2

    Variable thickness sipes reduce tread block deformation, improves rolling resistance

  • 10% Better longevity3

    Innovative tread compound

  • Chosen by Some of the World's Best Vehicle Manufacturers

    The choice of SUV and Crossover manufacturers such as Porsche and BMW

  • 1 Test conducted in 2013 by Germany's independent TÜV SÜD Automotive center using size 235/65R17 on wet road, compared with the MICHELIN Latitude Sport tyre.
    2 Test conducted in April 2013 by TUV Sud  Europe, using 235/65 R17, Pressure 2.1 bar, compared to average of competitors. Test standard ISO 28580.
    3 Tests Conducted in July 2013 by DEKRA Test Center (Europe) , using size 235/65 R17, VOLVO XC60, compared to average of competitors.


MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 tyres are acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety1


    • Improved Safety on Wet Surface1

    Strong performance on wet surfaces to guarantee a very high level of safety.

    • Improved Drivability1

    A continuous central RIB to ensure high torque transfer during the braking and acceleration phases

    • High robustness 

    The two-ply carcass2 ensures a high level of robustness for SUVs dedicated to 100% on-road usage


    • Innovative tread compound

    An innovative tread rubber compound, made of a mix of silica and the latest generation of elastomers, offering an excellent level of mileage performance with no compromise on safety and fuel economy.


    • Variable thickness sipes

    The variable thickness sipes minimize deformation of the tread blocks, which is responsible for increased rolling resistance

    • Innovative Tread Compound

    An excellent level of rolling resistance thanks to the integration of this innovative silica mixture.

    1 In relation to the MICHELIN Latitude Sport range
    2 Except certain sizes
    Rim DiameterTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed Index
    20315/35R20 110W110W

    *All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or Recommended Retail Price. Actual dealer price may vary. Prices may also vary for vehicles with a technical / legal requirement for reinforced (extra load) tyres. See your local authorized Michelin dealer for more details.